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Baby Grrrr And The Giraffe On A String

Napping in hot summer London after giraffe massacre

Napping in hot summer London after giraffe massacre

[text] – Good morning. Today is not a beach day so I’m working at the hotel. How is baby grrr?

[reply] – Baby grrr is currently fast asleep after a strenuous morning chasing a headless giraffe on a string. It is now a leg and tail-less giraffe too!

Macmillan Posh Dog Day in Chelsea SW3

Tamara buys us tickets to attend the Macmillan Dog Day and of course, very Tamara, forgets to tells us that this is a very posh thing full of celebrities and lapdogs dressed with outfits better than Paris Hilton. SO I showed up dressed as if I was attending a Monteria (hunting shoot in Spain) We meet delightful people and Tamara signs us up for three dog shows: Puppy About Town (which we miss because we are too involved in conversation and on Pimms), Puppy Heeling (which we enter even though Dashwood only heeled in Puppy school and when we go out he either steers in front of me the first five minutes or goes off the lead when we hit the Hammersmith boathouses), and another fancy one that we also miss because of more Pimms and more conversation.

When we are leaving the little dog show enclosure after the Heel competition – which we remained amongst the sixth finalists (Go Puppy Classes, Go!), the reporters from The Field Managzine hover over the both of us, interview us for their August number and take a picture of us both and my riding boots, which they adore and must-must manage to get in the picture. I kneel to ground, ensuring that my black explorer Prada dress is not flying off too much because of the rising wind that seems to increase as the afternoon goes. I think they had a look at me, French hand-made riding boots and Out of Africa-meets-posh Milano, with fox terrier champ puppy, and they thought we were definitely the right crowd for The Field. Alas, little Puppy and I get immortalised for posterity in the pages of the oldest country magazine in the world, printing since 1853! I will subscribe definitely!

Best In Show and Batman Capes

\"Onions\" Fun section of the British Wire Fox Terrier Association site

Ben warns me about getting too Mumsy with Dashwood, as Tamara has brought him back home after my trip to the Cannes Film Festival, dressed with a Batman cape! (photo reserved for Halloween this year as this is one of his possible outfits). I should have told her this year was Kung-Fu Panda euphoria…

I do get to see the film and his point on people that simply go a bit over the edge regarding their dogs. I still laugh with this picture, although I would never subject Dashwood to outfits such as those – well, he would simply not put up with it (this is why there is no picture of him as Batman in the first place….)