Fox Terrier About Town

Adventures of a Vivaceous Pup in Fancy London

Choosing A Puppy

A reputable breeder is the obvious first step, but one has to pay attention to the puppy-and-mum dynamics.

1. Mum and puppies must be together
Puppies are meant to be together with their siblings and Mum for something genetically important: pheromones and Mum’s early training. Mum is there to ensure that all puppies behave and learn how to be kind to each other. Mum is there to arbitrage, in as much as to feed the puppies. A puppy learns to be loved by Mum and also to behave as per what his or her Mum teaches. Just like any animal, human or four-legged.

2. Puppies Must Be Fed From Individual Bowls
Or the bigger puppies will wallop most of the food and the smaller pups will inevitably go half-starved every day. This creates not just sibling rivalry, but will turn the smaller puppy into a growling, menacing little demon when he/she is to be fed amongst other puppies. He/she will always thing that “someone is out there to steal their food”. Spare yourself from hundreds of “grrrrrrs” and other grunting noises in the future.

3. Choosing the Right Personality Puppy
Puppies are like children. We are pretty good at differentiating the “crying” baby from the well adjusted child. Well, puppies are just the same. If you enter the room or space where the puppies are kept by the breeder, take a minute to watch the puppy dynamics:

Scared Pup
There is a puppy literally glued to his Mum’s backlegs, scared, and hurrying to hide under the piano. This Puppy Thou Shalt Leave Behind, if you do not want to spend the rest of your life reassuring a puppy from butterflies that land on his nose, noises from the outside, and human children. Scared Puppy is not an advisable pup to take home.

Happy-Go-Lucky Puppy
This is a puppy that literally goes about his business when you enter the room and seems like he is an independent little dude. This well adjusted puppy is the one you will undoubtedly have no problems with. Take him/her if you already have a house full of children and this puppy is to be an addition to your existing lot. He will just camp around and get on with the music.

Kissing-Thunder That Leaps To Your Arms
This pup will go for your face and your shirt’s collar chewed until exhaustion. This pup has been wound up and set loose like a mini Duracell bunny on esteroids. Millions of wet puppy kisses will land on your lips, nose and face as his vibrant, wiggling little body will try to wrestle free of your arms like a rattling snake. This highly-charged puppy is the one that no one has given the time of day and is a total sucker for attention and love. He will love you and follow you around till death-do-you-apart, and will amuse you ad infinitum with his cheekyness and clever ways. But it also comes with other handicaps that one could just be aware of:

(-) This puppy needs extra love and attention. He has been neglected. He will have a “don’t tell me what to do” attitude and this you will have to correct with love and firmness from day one. Will you be able to do this? This little rascal is one “Eliza Doolittle” or “Huck Finn” that will not like being brushed in the mornings, or being pushed aside when Mr Postman turns up to deliver a parcel. Oh, no, Thunder Puppy will growl and twist escaping from the brush or hurry to the door to be the one dealing with the parcels because he/she is the Da Boss In Da House.

(+) Burglars beware. Thunder puppy will be at your heels if you dare coming.

(+) Love X Tenfold
When you pour love onto something or someone, double, triple and quadruple love comes back to you. I cannot count the amount of kisses, leaps on my lap and general demonstrations of appreciation I have had from Dashwood for all the love and patience that I have put into proving that love is there for him and he does not need to show a Rambo attitude in life to get what he needs or is entitled to. Finally, lightbulb probably lit up on his head and the Thunder puppy is today, at 7 months, one glorious, obedient (OBEDIENT) puppy. Gold medal for Mum, I say.

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