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When Leader Of The Pack Prepares Food, Sub-Leutennant of the Pack Watches Her Back

5.58 am vital mince unwrapping under way

5.58 am vital mince unwrapping under way

I only just noticed that Mr Puppy guards my back when I prepare food.

Is this genes, or the cleverest puppy in the world?

I love my puppy, I love my puppy, I love my puppy

Down and Stay

This is a very important command as it is the basis of your emergency and distance control training as well as teaching your dog to relax when necessary. To begin with practice ‘down’ position, this will then progress into down/stay and distance control. With training, your dog should lie down on the command ‘down’ and remain in that position until you come and release him.

Teaching ‘down’
• Have your dog in the sit position.
• Move your hand (and treat) down between his front paws.
• When he goes down, give him lots of praise and delay the reward for 5-10 seconds and then say ‘ok’. If the front of the body only bends down to the treat, move the treat slowly still on the floor towards him.
• You can then teach him to stay by gradually increasing the time until you give the reward, and then start increasing the distance, only one step at a time.

Remember if he goes to move say the No-Reward-Mark ‘AH-AH’ and put him back into position and start again. This exercise takes a little patience, but as soon as he understands the rest will come very quickly.

A Blank Canvas

Puppies arrive as a blank canvas for learning. They may have learnt a few things with the breeder but this is your chance to teach your puppy all your rules and boundaries in your home. Remember they learn so much quicker at this age. We choose for dogs to live in a human society so it is our responsibility to teach them how to do that. All your rules must be consistent. If you want you dog on your furniture that is fine just make sure they only get on when asked and get off when asked, you MUST always be in control. There must be firm CONSISTENT rules so your dog does not try to push the boundaries because they know they can get away with it.

Sit and Stay

Dashwood now sits whenever he wants food or just anything where he proves first that he is Good. The next motion would be to wag his tail whilst sitting.

Dashwood now sits whenever he wants food or just anything where he proves first that he is Good. The next motion would be to wag his tail whilst sitting.

The first thing we learned in Puppy Class was to Sit and Stay.

This is what you do:

Hold a treat slightly above your puppy’s head, move your hand up and back slightly, this should automatically make him put his bottom on the floor. Praise and give the treat straight away. Repeat this a few times until he learns sitting gets the treat, and starts to sit automatically. Then say the word ‘sit’ just before you hold the treat out, he will then associate the word with his action. Next practices ‘stay’ in the sit position.

Once he has learnt sit you should ask your dog to sit before he gets any of his rewards e.g. attention, dinner, before putting their lead on or taking it off e.t.c. This will help to always have him in control.

Also you should get your dog to sit at every kerb before you cross the road. He shouldn’t move until you give him the release command ‘ok’.

Puppy School Oh So Posh

Heel Puppy, Heel! Good Puppy!

Heel Puppy, Heel! Good Puppy!

One of the things that I pre-booked before Dashwood came home was puppy school. This is very common in London. Apparently not so much in other parts, but it is one of the best things a little puppy can get. And you, as the owner, if you have never brought up a puppy, is the best schooling too.

This is what you get in Puppy School:

* teaching your puppy how to come, sit, lay down, heel, and obey basic commands;
* learning about puppy hygene: how to clean those ears, and the eye gunky stuff;
* introducing your puppy to other dog breeds, different from him and so needed to be explored;
* teaching your puppy basic manners towards other puppies, humans and children;

The couse is just six Saturdays, but it is worth doing. This is the site that will locate your nearest puppy class.

Dashwood and I went to Dog Hollow, off the King’s Road, SW3 and we had hilarious episodes there. Above all, the ladies running the puppy classes are extraordinarily dedicated and knowledgeable and made our learning a delightful and worthy process.