Fox Terrier About Town

Adventures of a Vivaceous Pup in Fancy London


This blog is about Dashwood, a wire fox terrier born in fancy Holland Park, London, UK on the 26th November 2007. Dashwood was born from extremely posh pedigree parents, both Crufts champions, and is brother to another male puppy that was adopted by a family in Dover, Kent. I chose his name from a novel by Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility, because his father’s name was Willoughby, also a character in the same novel. I wanted a true English name, for a true pure-breed puppy. Many adventures we both have had, and many more that we shall live together. Having Dashwood is both a joy and a responsibility, because a puppy is a small life in your hands that needs much, much more than just food and fresh water. Wire fox terriers, as you will soon learn from this blog, are extremely emotional, highly clever and most of all, very social and active doggies. Did I mention emotional? Wire fox terriers are loving, jealous, stubborn, tiredlessly curious, devoted, and territorial. Never before have I been more accompanied, loved and followed around than in the company of this puppy. 


This blog will seek to share with you all kinds of information that I am finding should be known by others since I was not aware of it when I got Dashwood, and had I been privy to it, I would have done things differently. Bringing up a pup requires an enormous dosis of patience and understanding, and above all that, real love for one of the most endearing and gorgeous to watch dogs.

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  Jackson wrote @

Hey Dashwood, I’ve just read your blog from cover to cover. WFTs are not for the faint-hearted, as I’m sure your owner is finding out. Having said that, we’re completely irresistible. J x

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