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Adventures of a Vivaceous Pup in Fancy London

The Acrobat Foxy Strikes Again!

Acro-Foxy In Puppy Training

Acro-Foxy In Puppy Training

[Tamara texted this afternoon]
“I just turned around to find Dad asleep in his chair and Dashwood up on his back legs, front legs waving in the air, snout hoovering up the crumbs from the plate on Dad’s knee!”

Maybe rather than a tutu, we should buy Dashwood an eye mask like El Zorro, as he is now onto Thievery Acrobatics… Hummmm…


  astany wrote @

Hello Dashwood
so vewy nice to meet you…I’m a fwiend of Jackson’ look like such a cutie..I’d like to be youw fwiend
smoochie kisses

  Butchy & Snickers wrote @

Hehehee, Dashwood, you are so darn cute! Snickers likes to stand on her hind legs to reach up & sniff for things too. You should hire Mama to make you a costume this year for Halloween. Did you know that Mama makes & sells doggie clothes?? There is a link on our blog to her Snitchybug Dog Designs store blog. Plus a bubbleshare with photos of Happy Customers in their things they bought from Mama. She’s always making new costumes for us, tee hee.
Have a great week!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

  Agatha and Archie wrote @

Hey Dashwood!! We are Agatha and Archie brother and sister WFT’s that live in Boston Massachewsitts and our pal Jackson sent us over!!!! Come on over and visit us!1 We have a big group of foxie friends!!!! Love Agatha and ARchie( A+A)

  Axel wrote @

Hi Dashwood,
Ol’ Jackson told me to check you out and I’m glad I did. You sound like you live a very glam life in London. I live in Philadelphia and I’m pals with Asta, Agatha, Archie, Butchy and Snickers too…
My mum also writes for – I think you’d like it as you are one swanky pup! Do visit my blog and the Swanky Pup.

  Charlotte wrote @

Hi! So we’ve found Dashwood! We took the other puppy, “Wilson”. We often wonder how Dashwood is getting along as a London dog!

  inmamartinez wrote @

Oh Charlotte, how amazing is the Internet. I have also wondered how the other puppy would end up, as I only know that you and your family live in the South East, so not many chances of bumping into each other in the park. I will tell you, though, that in Chiswick we have met one of Dashwood’s older sisters, Molly. And it was a hilarious encounter because the two met each other and we, the owners, approached them and commented on how very alike they seemed. It is that curly tail, I tell you, and the pose. One can immediately tell they come from champions. Thanks so much for making contact. I have the blog a bit abandoned but one of my resolutions is to update it with the some adventures that Dashwood has had, which are many. x

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