Fox Terrier About Town

Adventures of a Vivaceous Pup in Fancy London

Cherry Liquor, Xth Century Villages and Puppy Toys

Photo Alexandre Foulon

Photo Alexandre Foulon

I know when I am the one with separation anxiety when walking around Medieval Portugal I find myself indirectly looking for toys for my puppy… What are you up to right now, my pup? Are you too missing me? Even in the delightful company of Andrea Smith, features writer for CataVino, and sampling the delicious Ginja in chocolate cups!

This late September will be our revenge against the ridiculous rabies quarantine… It shall be a weekend in Paris, where they love and welcome doggies EVERYWHERE you go. Ah, Paris, you and me little puppy, strolling along the Seine… shopping for perfume at Annick Goutal, just doorsteps from Coco Chanel’s apartment… jumping on the back of a handsome Frenchman’s motorcycle and roaming the cobblestone streets of rue de Lille…


  Jackson wrote @

Parisiens are MUCH more civilised about dogs!

Thank you for your email. I have added your blog as a link on mine so you may get some of my wirey pals dropping by. J x

  Butchy & Snickers wrote @

Hey Dashwood,
Our pal Jackson sent us over to visit you. Wow, we’re thrilled to find another foxy blogger. Mama said to tell you that you are so very very handsome. Snickers & I both have pedigrees with tons of UK & Ireland champs in them. Maybe we are sort of related?? Stop by our blog sometime soon. We live in Iowa in the US. Have a fun weekend!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

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