Fox Terrier About Town

Adventures of a Vivaceous Pup in Fancy London

Gin and Tonics, Bespoke Lifestyle and Fox Terriers, Darling

It couldn’t be any other way… I’ve met Mr Ford three times. He is charming without syropy language, elegant without the prima ballerina choreography, and funny, daringly funny. Now, in addition to sharing a liking for intellectual men, I am let known that we both own fox terriers with dashing British names. I shall mention this next time our paths cross, possibly orchestrated by Suzy Menkes.


  Jackson wrote @

Hello Dashwood, many thanks for your kind words on my blog. Will certainly look into Roehampton Veterinary Clinic as the Js are into all that stuff.

I never knew Tom Ford had a smooth FT.

J x

  Jackson wrote @

PS Hello Dashwood and Inma, thanks for signing my Guestbook. May I link to your blog? Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if you would rather I didn’t. J x

  inmamartinez wrote @

A pleasure to have you with us, Jackson!

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