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Gin and Tonics, Bespoke Lifestyle and Fox Terriers, Darling

It couldn’t be any other way… I’ve met Mr Ford three times. He is charming without syropy language, elegant without the prima ballerina choreography, and funny, daringly funny. Now, in addition to sharing a liking for intellectual men, I am let known that we both own fox terriers with dashing British names. I shall mention this next time our paths cross, possibly orchestrated by Suzy Menkes.

Black Labradors and Pirouettes in Hyde Park

Acrobatics is fox terrier\'s fun

Acrobatics is fox terrier's fun

[Text from Tamara]
It’s still too hot and there’s a surfeit of bull mastiffs in my life but all else is good and little one grrred his way round the park this morning disdaining the Maltipoo I tried to introduce him to, in favour of running in ever decreasing circles round two huge black Labradors, then spiralling away at such strange angle that the Labs bumped into each other trying to chase him!…. I think we’ll have to get him a tutu – he does a fine pirouette!