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‘Heel’ or ‘close’ means walk by my side with a loose lead, your dog’s head should be in line with your legs.

• Choose which side you would like him to walk on and make sure he always is on that side.
• Only walk forward when the lead is loose. Praise your dog and say ‘heel’ only
when he walking in the correct position with a loose lead.
• Try to keep your dog focused on you, and encourage him while he is walking, tell him what a clever boy he is when he is walking with a loose lead.
• When your dog pulls and the lead is tight stop walking and encourage him to come back to your side when he is back in the correct position walk on.
• If he keeps walking in front you can get him back to your side by using a sharp short check to pull him back to your side.

Remember if your dog is pulling and you follow him this only reinforces that behaviour.