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Dashwood Comes Home

Seconds after he is home, Dashwood sits on the carpet in his unique gypsy style and begins to explore his new home

Seconds after he is home, Dashwood sits on the carpet in his unique gypsy style and begins to explore his new home

I visited Dashwood every week until he was almost ten weeks old. The breeder did not want to hand him over to me whilst his brother was still unplaced. I understood. Now, if I would have known the dynamics between the two brothers, I would have grabbed Dashwood the second I set eyes on him. But that is another story for another chapter in this blog.

It is Friday 8th February and about 2.00 o’clock in the afternoon. There I go in my Golf, with the little puppy travelling house, the cuddly blue bear inside the house, the blanket and my heart leaping with emotion. I write down every feeding tip, and syrupy vitamin he still has to take, and telephone number for the vet, and… I wrap him up in his brown blanket and put him in the little house and drive into the Friday traffic. Cold, cold but sunny February day. In the car he is making funny moaning noises every time we have to break and his house rattles a bit.

When we get to North Kensington, the Gas workmen are wrapping up and when they see me getting out of the car with a little puppy in a little house, they all mill around us and welcome Dashwood home in true Cockney style, with jokes and funny puppy names that rhyme with teapot or something Britishly absurd. We are home, at last, after almost a month of wait, my puppy is home. Life is never going to be the same, ever.


Names, Toys and Puppy Houses

Dashwood first day at home with his first chewing toy

Dashwood first day at home with his first chewing toy

Choosing a puppy name can be the most stressful part of the whole process. I wanted a glorious-sounding, true English name, for a true English breed, a gallant name, a brave name, an uncommon name. My friend Ben suggested “Sausages”. I must clarify that Ben is a true English gent, and as such, full of eccentricities. Naming my puppy like pub food was not on my menu. He then went for Mr Snodgrass, a Dickensian character from the Pickwick papers. It was a tongue-twister. I tried with different people, just to see if it was me, but everyone battled with the name to no end. I finally came up with the one, the name that was always there for my puppy: Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility”, and well suited for his lineage as his father, the big Crufts champion, is called Willoughby. Ben has refused to call him Dashwood to-date, so this one pup in addition to posh pedigree, has two ultra posh names which probably puzzle everyone at the park.

When you bring a puppy home you need to have:

cuddly toys to sleep with;
soft toys to play with;
something to sink those puppy teeth on;
a little puppy house, because fox terriers like sleeping in houses!
a warm blanket to stuff onto the house and turn it into a warm cave;

I go to the Westbourne Park Road pet shop and buy all this kit in complete clueless motions. I am just learning all this as I go along.

Five Generation Pedigree

Dashwood’s Kennel Club Family Name is Russmews Battle of Wills born to breeder Mr DG & Mrs A Wurtzburg. His father, champion Baglan Battle Hymn of Russmews and mother Sarabel So Alone of Russmews were quite old when they had him, over 10 years at least.

The lineage extends, on his father side, to a lineage of champions that include Townville Tarique, Sceftesbr Cabinet, Gavingale Diplomat, Baglan Some Boyo, Scheftesbr Chianti, Blackdale Ambassador, Townville Texan, Townville Tassie, Blackdale Eurocrat, Louline Pemberton, Valken Downtown Boy, Valken Skylark, and many more Baglans,Blackdales, Townvilles, and even Norgeian and Swedish hounds.