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First Visit To Vet – Where Are Thou Balls?

The Abingdon Vet Clinic

The Abingdon Vet Clinic

At nine o’clock precisely, we enter the vet’s clinic in Kensington, W8. Little puppy is wrapped around in his brown blanket because it is so cold. I should have brought his house because now he wants to explore everything in the waiting room and if you hold him tight, he grunts like a Gremlin. It’s not even three days that I got him and I am already knackered and can’t remember how my life was before I had to wrestle with a little force of nature the size of a stuffed Paddington bear.

The vet grabs him and wrestles with him. He looks at me as if offering his unspoken condolences. “He is a bundle” he says politely, “you have to show him who’s boss or he will just take over”. I can almost finish his sentence. He is the fifth person to give me the spiel. I know, I know. I got the raucous puppy, yes, thank you very much. He holds him and starts pushing in between his back legs. “I can find one testicle”, he says puzzled,”but not the other”. Well, we still have time to see what develops.

I don’t have a clue as to when puppies are meant to drop their balls. I am just trying to teach him where to pee and poop. Let’s leave the golden balls issue to the Vet.

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