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Five Generation Pedigree

Dashwood’s Kennel Club Family Name is Russmews Battle of Wills born to breeder Mr DG & Mrs A Wurtzburg. His father, champion Baglan Battle Hymn of Russmews and mother Sarabel So Alone of Russmews were quite old when they had him, over 10 years at least.

The lineage extends, on his father side, to a lineage of champions that include Townville Tarique, Sceftesbr Cabinet, Gavingale Diplomat, Baglan Some Boyo, Scheftesbr Chianti, Blackdale Ambassador, Townville Texan, Townville Tassie, Blackdale Eurocrat, Louline Pemberton, Valken Downtown Boy, Valken Skylark, and many more Baglans,Blackdales, Townvilles, and even Norgeian and Swedish hounds.