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Two Little Pups In Russell Mews, West London

This is Dashwood at six weeks

And so I drove in my car, heart beating inside my chest at the prospect of meeting my puppy. When you really love animals, there is a magic anxiety about meeting them for the first time. It can be a puppy, or the penguins at the zoo. Animals are beautiful creatures that amaze us and slightly scare us. As soon as I parked the car outside, multiple barks came from within and the breeder, a beautiful, whitehaired lady of about sixty-something came out. The puppies were in a room next door and she went to get them. The first puppy was handed to me. I just did not know how to hold him. He was so soft and tiny and wriggly. “Would you like to hold the other one?”, she said. The other puppy had been running around the wooden floors playing with a stuffed animal in the shape of a lamb, or hiding behind the furniture in places where it was almost impossible to catch him. When both puppies were on the ground, they just went in all directions. The lady and I chased them like loose chicks in a farm. I was having the time of my life.

I picked up the second pup and he launched to lick my face all over as he alternated with chewing my pigtails. The joy and energy of this little puppy was contageous and my heart simply melted. I wanted that puppy so badly it almost hurt.