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Two Little Pups In Russell Mews, West London

This is Dashwood at six weeks

And so I drove in my car, heart beating inside my chest at the prospect of meeting my puppy. When you really love animals, there is a magic anxiety about meeting them for the first time. It can be a puppy, or the penguins at the zoo. Animals are beautiful creatures that amaze us and slightly scare us. As soon as I parked the car outside, multiple barks came from within and the breeder, a beautiful, whitehaired lady of about sixty-something came out. The puppies were in a room next door and she went to get them. The first puppy was handed to me. I just did not know how to hold him. He was so soft and tiny and wriggly. “Would you like to hold the other one?”, she said. The other puppy had been running around the wooden floors playing with a stuffed animal in the shape of a lamb, or hiding behind the furniture in places where it was almost impossible to catch him. When both puppies were on the ground, they just went in all directions. The lady and I chased them like loose chicks in a farm. I was having the time of my life.

I picked up the second pup and he launched to lick my face all over as he alternated with chewing my pigtails. The joy and energy of this little puppy was contageous and my heart simply melted. I wanted that puppy so badly it almost hurt.

Profile Applications and Destiny

I really like the lady at the BWFTA, and I send by email my profile as adoption candidate to a potential wire fox terrier puppy. Oh, yes, sir, you have to qualify for this as no self-respected breeder will sell a puppy to just anyone. So being the attention-to-detail maniac that I am, I sent an email with pictures of my garden, my commitment to bringing up the potential puppy without lack of any means, and my overall love for the breed. Here was I, sending an application as if I was adopting a Chinese baby. And truthfully, why should this process be otherwise? Two days later the BWFTA sent me an email. There was a Spanish gentleman in Harrow – just North of London, in the hills above Hampstead, whose bitch had just gotten pregnant, and a family in Linconshire – didn’t I tell you?, about to have the puppies any minute. In both cases the wait would be necessary, as one is not to be handed puppies until they are 8 to 10 weeks old. I was looking to April or July with any luck…

“Oh, dear”, she said,”there are a couple of 6-week puppies born in Holland Park, London which have not yet been registered, but I do know about them because the breeder is one of our judges”

…. and here it was, a couple of puppies just five minutes down the street from me.

Phone Calls and Donations

The British Wire Fox Terrier Association seemed like a good port of call. I tried to rescue a fox terrier but they only had very old doggies that needed more a vet than a young, inexperienced mum-to-a pup-to-be, so I declined, sending a donation cheque. The secretary at the club did not give me much hope, either. Apparently wire fox terriers are a rare breed and if you were lucky enough to find country folks that did breed them, they usually live in Scotland, Linconshire or Ireland. I was beginning to think that this wire fox terrier pup quest was going to have me at it for months. Where art thou puppy?

A Fox Terrier Puppy It Shall Be


It must have been my upbringing with Milou, or the fact that my surgeon veterinary cousin send me a picture of a couple of wire fox terrier pups which did the trick. All I know is that from that moment on, there was no other choice for me but a wire fox terrier. The question was, where to find one…